Securing and Sharing
 Your Family Heritage

How to Do It
and Links to Resources
 Provided by Perry Sprawls
His History Preservation Mission and Methods
We all want our families to be known and remembered by future generations and our history and heritage preserved.
However, you and your family and the lives lived will be forgotten to future generations unless specific actions are taken now to collect, organize, and preserve records and other representations of the many events, relationships, and activities that represent your family heritage.
 Many of the records that are now created and preserved for individuals are related to dying and not living. These include obituaries, death certificates, and Social Security records.  While these are of interest to genealogists they do not provide details of a person's life.
  Our project here is to encourage and help families develop and preserve records and representations of lives lived and family relationships in the context of a permanent Family Heritage.

An emphasis is that this should be an activity involving the different generations within a family, each making specific contributions.

The project consists of six specific activities that families are encouraged to follow in the sequence listed below.
 An activity is added each month as the related newspaper articles are published.
Activity 1.  Begin Family Discussions Including Different Generations.  For details CLICK HERE.
Activity 2.  Collecting and Digitizing Family Photographs.  For details CLICK HERE.
Activity 3. Developing Memorials on the Web using the Find A Grave Program.  CLICK HERE
Activity 4.
Activity 5.
Activity 6.