Securing and Sharing
 Your Family Heritage

How to Do It
and Links to Resources
 Provided by Perry Sprawls
The First Activity, Family Visits and Discussions
The securing and preservation of a Family Heritage is an activity for the different generations working together with each  providing valuable contributions.   

In family reunions, or just small gatherings, begin the discussion.  How would we like for our family and individual members to be remembered by future generations...what is the heritage we would like to leave?

It is a great time for the younger generations to interview and hear stories from the older generations about their life experiences and recollections of other family members of the past...
and make notes!

Give special attention to generations now deceased. What is remembered about them. What are some items, like old photographs, letters, etc. that are representations of the lives they lived and can be used to preserve their heritage.
Our individual and family heritages that are to be preserved are records and representations of the many characteristics, events, relationships, other elements of lives as illustrated below.

IMPORTANT: Identify a few family members who would lead in the collection and organization of items to create the Family Heritage story for both individuals and families.

The suggested activity for now are inter-generational discussions (interviews and stories) and make notes!

We will build on this beginning with more specific activities to develop and preserve your Family Heritage.

CLICK HERE to download and print copies of the Family Heritage diagram shown above to pass on to other family members and use in the discussions.