Sprawls Shared Visuals for Teaching


Teaching is the process of helping someone learn.  It can be highly effective when it is a collaborative effort between one teacher who is creating and providing visuals and another who is using their knowledge and experience in the classroom to guide the student/learners in mentally exploring  and visually interacting with the physical universe to develop sensory conceptual knowledge networks that support the many applications of physics in medical applications.

  P. Sprawls,  MEDICAL PHYSICS INTERNATIONAL Journal, vol.6, No.1, 2018

Thought out my career as a medical physics educator I have created and used extensive visuals to enhance the learning experience for the students.  Here I am sharing those that might be helpful to others in their teaching activities.
I maintain the copyright on the visuals with permission granted to all educators to use in non-commercial educational activities with acknowledgement of the source (the signature on each image).

 The visuals are organized by the following topics. Click to open file.

Medical Image Characteristics that Affect Visibility
Scattered Radiation and Contrast
X-ray Image Formation and Contrast
Interactions of Radiation and Matter
Radioactivity and Radioactive Transitions
X-Ray Production
Characteristics of Radiation Used for Imaging
Image Noise
Blurring, Visibility of Detail and Resolution
Digital Image Characteristics
Physics of Mammography
Computed Tomography
Ultrasound Imaging

Magnetic Resonance Image Characteristics
Magnetic Resonance Imaging System
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
Tissue Magnetization and Relaxation
The Magnetic Resonance Imaging Process
MRI Spin Echo Methods
MRI Gradient Echo Methods
 MRI Selective Signal Suppression
tial Characteristics
MR Image Detail and Noise
MRI Acquisition Time and Procedure Optimization
MR Vascular Imaging
MR Functional Imaging
MRI Safety

The Open Source Textbook:

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