Celebrating 65 Years of Being Together
2017 Reunion,  June 8 & 9, 2017
All Class of 1956 related activities will be on Friday, June 9th.

Make your reservation as soon as possible.  Either by mail or on the web at: http://alumni.clemson.edu/reunion/
Include in your registration the Friday evening dinner:  Ours will be served at the Academic Success center.

Go by the Reunion Desk at the Madren Conference Center to pick up packet and additional information.

At 3:30 on Friday
Get together at our Class of 1956 Academic Success Center
Dress Code: Casual Orange


This will be even better than our first "Company Social" 65 years ago!


  Class of 1956 represented in
   2017 Alumni Distinguished Service Awards

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1 Tom Shealey 11 Louis Farmer 21 Joel Porcher
2 Lynn Hendricks 12 Jerry Crews 22  J. W. Roberts
3 John Blackmon 13 Stanley Smith 23 Perry Sprawls
4 Dick Sweetnburg 14 Paul Shumpert 24 William Pohlemus
5 Buddy Guerry 15 Bill Voight 25 Dawson Luke
6 Robert Atkisson 16 Roger Yike 26 Clyde Brooks
7 George Townsend 17 Tom Hayden 27 Bob Maxwell
8 Bob Cason 18 John Day 28 Gary Ready
9 Dalton Truluck 19 Avery Smith 29 Charlie Miller
10 Joe Bowen 20
Earl Herdon    



The Academic Success Center

Welcome to the Class of '56 Academic Success Center
Website: http://www.clemson.edu/asc/

Here you will see an up-to-date overview of the many programs
and activities contributing to student success.

Class of 1956 Academic Success Center Dedication
April 12, 2012

See the building by webcamera


Dr. Theodore “Ted” G. Westmoreland of Shelby, N.C., has given $1.5 million to endow the academic success program in the university’s new Class of 1956 Academic Success Center.
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